Marvin Gilmore, President and CEO of CDC of Boston

DJS and Marvin Gilmore
DJS and Marvin Gilmore

The power of the smile!!!  Today I had the pleasure of meeting Marvin E. Gilmore. At  the checkout counter in Macy's we made eye contact and instantly there was a familiarity. After chatting with him,  I believe we had met many years ago in Berlin Germany thru the music scene. I got a very good feeling about him.

Marvin Gilmore is the President and CEO of CDC of Boston (Community Development Corporation of Boston and was awarded the Legion of Honor, France's highest civilian award, for his role in liberating France and his bravery and dedication in the face of discrimination while in he Army and at home afterward. He is the first African - American in New England to be awarded the Legion of Honor

It was an honor and  such a pleasure to meet him and all it took was a smile

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